Renovation of the Prinses Beatrixsluis

Renovation of the Prinses Beatrixsluis

In Nieuwegein, Holland, bogmats were laid by Welex. The Azobé bogmats easily handled the heavy traffic. See photos.

The bogmats were used during the renovation of the Prinses Beatrix Lock in Nieuwegein. The renovation of the existing gullies started early this year. Non-original elements of the lock complex were also removed, such as the footbridge and the control building. Finally, additional moorings have been created. By the end of 2019, the work will be completed and the third lock chamber can be used. This will allow more ships to pass through the Lek Canal.

Do you also need bogmats? At Welex, it is possible to rent or buy them. Naturally, we place the crane mats in the right place so that your project is not delayed. Gif us a ring or fill in the contact form.

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