Crane mats at the police station

Crane mats at the police station

The Forest Gate police station in London recently caught fire. As a result, the entire 3rd floor was lost. Econ, Welex Rental Ltd’s client responsible for demolishing the 3rd floor of the building, needed our crane mats. We were approached for the availability of 500 x 150 crane mats to cover 1,250m2 of floor, but the UK is quite busy and stocks are at their lowest for ages. To think along, we prepared a quote with all the crane mats that were available. In the end, this allowed us to supply a total coverage of more than 1,350m2 and from the initial enquiry to delivery took a total of 72 hours. Everything was delivered in 11 loads and our regular carrier did a great job to get it done in this short time frame.

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