The solution for height differences

Welex wedges


The ideal ramp

Do you ever encounter issues due to the height difference between the ground and crane mats, leading to potential damage? With wedges, also known as shims, this problem becomes a thing of the past. These wedges are primarily used as ramps. We sell or rent these wedges in various standard sizes.

Our standard sizes

Code Afmeting
Wedge 210 200 x 100 x 10 cm
Wedge 215 200 x 100 x 15 cm
Wedge 220 200 x 100 x 20 cm
Wedge 225 200 x 100 x 25 cm


Do you need wedges with dimensions different from our standard variants? No problem. We can work with you to create wedges in the sizes you require. Fill out your specific requirements on the quote page or give us a call, and we’ll help you get the right wedges as quickly as possible.

Welex wedges
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