Deployment of Welex crane mats in recovery of rubbish truck

Deployment of Welex crane mats in recovery of rubbish truck

Our client Modern, a salvage company, made a request for a salvage of a rubbish truck at the beginning of May, where they were still short of some crane mats. Our staff were able to give the company good advice on what to improve about their approach so that they could optimise the way their salvage operation worked.

The whole story took place on a narrow road in Hekendorp where a full rubbish truck weighing about 30 tonnes had come under water. Seven large 6-metre crane mats were placed in the water, with a number of smaller crane mats above them and a stack of teens on top of them again. To stabilise the crane, which had to lift the rubbish truck out of the water, another 6-metre crane mat was placed on top of the teenagers. Following our advice, the deployment of the equipment became slightly different from the first time Modern pulled a rubbish truck out of the ditch. This can be seen in the second photo.

This fine collaboration made the whole salvage operation an even greater success.

rubbish truck salvage rubbish truck salvage

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rubbish truck salvage
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