Bogmats in Tützpatz

Bogmats in Tützpatz

In the period from November 2018 to 19 December 2018, German contractor company, Marquardt & Kind Handelsgesellschaft chose Welex as its supplier. They rented crane mats from us, for E.DIS. Together, we realised a construction road of crane mats for the complete renovation of the high-pressure line, built in 1960, to Malchin. Crane mats are regularly used in projects of this kind.

Not only unloading and loading but also return delivery, collection and transfer are specialities why Marquardt & Kind Handelsgesellschaft has partnered with us.

The photos show how the crane placed the long construction road of crane mats one by one. This consisted of 804 bogmats with the dimensions: 500x100x10 cm.

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