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Ekki crane mats

a durable wood species and extremely strong

Tropical hardwood

Ekki is a tropical hardwood native to West Africa. This type of wood is durable in use because it is so incredibly strong! So hard, almost impossible to break.

We produce almost all our crane mats from this tropical hardwood and ensure that we collect the wood from specially selected sawmills that have sustainable forest management as their basic concept. For this sustainable forest management, a plan has been written whereby a 30-year rotation period is used whereby felling is only allowed from a certain diameter.

Vulnerable areas and waterways are avoided anyway and agreements are made with local residents about felling.

After felling and processing into crane mats, the wood is not treated with chemicals. As a result, our bogmats always remain a natural product and are also biodegradable.

Buying crane mats

When do you buy and when do you rent a crane mat? That depends entirely on the purpose. Do you need the crane mats more often or for the long term? Then choose to purchase crane mats. With us, you can have crane mats customised and personalised.

Do you need the crane mats for a single project and have no storage facilities of your own? Then it makes more sense to rent them. We supply standard sizes and have plenty of stock at our 7 different rental locations in Europe.

Cheap alternative

Our crane mats are particularly suitable as subsoil for utility construction, such as power plants and pipeline construction. We are also widely involved in the construction of various wind farms across Europe. Due to the increasing demand for this type of wood, there continues to be a strong price trend on it. To offer a cheaper alternative to the full Ekki crane mats, we also offer a combination of different types of tropical hardwood. We call this a combination mat.

  • Outside Ekki wood, inside another type of wood
  • More economical variant of Ekki crane mats
  • Good alternative for long-term use
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