Schmidbauer: everything is going for the wind

Schmidbauer: everything is going for the wind

Draglineschotten voor extra zware ladingen

Germany’s Schmidbauer has chosen Welex for international projects before. In this case, we were once again allowed to supply crane mats during a major project in Belfast. Here, Schmidbauer was in fact allowed to provide the logistics during the realisation of one of the largest off-shore wind farms in the world.

During the first six months of 2017, Transition Pieces and Monopiles were transported to the Belfast port, weighing up to 1,030 tonnes. To support the weight of the Liebherr cranes used, used crane mats were buried in the ground. In this way, a route was laid out over which the cranes could move with the heavy loads.

The TPs and Monopiles were placed on concrete blocks on the site, after which they were taken to the off-shore location one by one. As can be clearly seen in the photos, the crane mats lay between these concrete blocks according to the route, which meant that all sites were easily accessible.

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